Windows Tutorials

Windows Tutorials

Please follow these steps to run Laika on a Windows PC with Scratch 2.0 off-line editor.

1) Download and install Scratch 2.0 Off-line Editor from here:

2) Download and install the Laika-Scratch Helper (You will probably get a warning about a dangerous download).

Step 3) not required for Windows 8 and newer:

3) If you are running Windows 7 or older you will need to install the FTDI USB drivers unless you have already done so for another product. This is a link to download the FTDI installer for Windows:

4) Close down Scratch 2.0 if you have opened it.

5) With your Laika board powered and connected to your computer with a USB cable, run Laika-Scratch. You should see something like the screenshot below. It may take a little time for Windows to install the correct drivers for Laika. You can check that a driver is properly loaded in your Device Manager under Com Ports.

 2016-05-21 14-28-32

6) Download the example Laika Scratch program available here.

7) Now open Scratch 2.0 and open the example program downloaded in the previous step.

8) You should have connection and see the blue lights periodically flash on your Laika. Try running the 'digital outputs' code block to see the LEDs change.


You can import the Scratch 2.0 extensions manually to create a fresh program by holding 'shift' and clicking 'File' in Scratch. Then click to import experimental extensions and import the Laika Scatch Extension. (Please unzip first).



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