RPi Tutorials

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0.0 Install Laika software webpage pdf(38KB)
0.1 Connect to laika_scratch over a network (assumes knowledge of SSH).   pdf(491KB)

Getting Started with Scratch

1.0 Scratch Basics pdf(1.6MB)
1.1 Introduction to Laika Hardware pdf(650KB)
1.2 Setting digital outputs using binary pdf(143KB) 
1.3 Setting digital outputs using integers pdf(124KB) 
1.4 Setting digital outputs using hexadecimal pdf(132KB) 
1.5 Controlling the motors pdf(185KB) 
1.6 Changing the motor speed using PWM pdf(78KB) 
1.7 Reading the digital inputs pdf(227KB) 
1.8 Reading the analgue inputs pdf(250KB) 

Inventor's Kit

inventors kit 01

2.0 Set up and control the 7-segment display in Scratch pdf (3.9MB)



3.0 Digital output example using Python pdf(83KB)



4.0 Using the Explorer with Arduino webpage
4.0 Arduino Adaptor Build Instructions webpage



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