Here you can find files and photos relating to Laika promotion. You can right-click the photo and 'save image as' for a file size suitable for websites, or left-click to download a super high resolution image. You can also download as a zip in cases where there are multiple files.


Laika Logo's 

1 Laika Logo's (png, dxf, eps) zip(347KB)


1 Laika Wallpaper - Black jpg(123KB)
 2 Laika Wallpaper - White jpg(114KB)

Explorer v1.20 - Download web photo's as zip(5.6MB)

1 Hi-res Explorer v1.20 (side)  exp 001-s2.5MB
2 Hi-res Explorer v1.20 (front)  exp 002-s3.3MB
3  Hi-res Explorer v1.20 (rear)  exp back web3.5MB
4 Hi-res Explorer v1.20 (close right) exp close right web4.3MB
5 Hi-res Explorer v1.20 (close left) exp left close web4.4MB
6 Hi-res Explorer v1.20 (left)  exp lefti web3.0MB
7 Hi-res Explorer v1.20 (right) exp right2.89MB
8 Med-res Explorer v1.20 with description   exp desc 2331KB



Inventor's Kit

1 Hi-res Inventor's Kit with Explorer v1.20  exp inv kit 001-s2.5MB



WiFi Buggy

1 Hi-res WiFi Buggy  buggy 001-s2.2MB
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Kitronik logo grey with green dots 250px wide

Technobots Logo V2

 Proto-pic 2012


cpc logo 500px


logo gross

ms logo 160px


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