You can now control Laika on a Windows PC with Scratch 2.0 off-line editor. See here for details.


Welcome to Project-Laika. Laika is a series of electronic designs which connect together easily allowing you to interface to and control a large range of devices: think motors, switches, lights, relays and variable resistors. Our team is proud to bring you the first instalment of Laika: the Explorer.

The Explorer takes Raspberry Pi to the next level. Together, Raspberry Pi and the Explorer enable you to quickly and easily create amazing projects without feeling overcome with circuit diagrams and tricky electronics. All Laika products are robust and are designed to industrial standards giving you the freedom to experiment and gain the confidence you need to make teaching or learning computing and robotics easy.

pi plus lk robotics

You can start by using our step-by-step tutorials and guides which will steadily take you from powering up for the first time right through to assembling and controlling your first WiFi robot buggy. You’ll be amazed how simply this can be achieved using Laika. Besides the tutorials and support, detailed lesson plans will be made avilable so you can be confident in the class room when you use Laika for the first time. Much of the new Computing curriculum can be taught with only software, however it is when you use real world physical devices that the students really start to engage. Here is a way of making teaching this challenging subject fun, hands-on and interactive.  

A great way to begin is to use the wonderfully simple Scratch graphical programming language to send and receive commands over a USB link which will allow you to read from switches and variable resistors or drive motors, lights and relays. There are plenty of example programs on which make starting off just that bit easier.

Here is a video of the Laika Explorer in use in a custom enclosure:

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