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Our Kickstarter is now live! We will be using Kickstarter to raise funds to produce and distribute the Laika Explorer boards.

The LAIKA system is a great way to get your hardware project off the ground. To get the hardware to you as quickly as possible, we need to raise funds to see the PCB's through production and distribution.

For any of you who have been involved in electronics manufacture you will know that it's all about MOQ's - Minimum Order Quantities. It is simply not feasible to order small batches of product due to the set up costs and poor price breaks. So we need you to help us out by pledging your support so we can afford to place a sizeable order that contract manufacturers will be interested in and then see it through distribution channels.

If we can get pledges for 300 or more boards, it will allow us to bring Laika quickly to the world of makers. Help us get Laika into production.

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Distribute the Laika range

Contact us if you are interested in distributing Laika.